Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This week and last week

its been a while since i left out my blog...
this week and last week....
mcm mcm berlaku.Noh pun x sure nak citer..
tapi ini yg berlaku..
ader USM Open Relay
kire olahraga terbuka ar sng citer..
Noh masuk jer saje saje dgn Rohilmi..
nie je yg dpat..
spike pinjam.haha
acara medley
and im 3rd runner.

ok itu minggu lepas..and this week
im entering PADU(pesta pantun antara desasiswa)
well, actually i have no idea why i entering this pantun
sounds silly right
this is a time where i can join any activities dat i want.
kene ar brani kan kan kan..
so event die start this friday and saturday* if i not mistaken
baju pendekar mustar warne biru


esok (RABU 16.2.2011)
ader WUS
karnival keusahawanan. dijemput hadir yer

*hidup nie you all kene brani amek risiko
kalo hidup x amek risiko
xder makne..
feel hidup blurr and dull
xder yg menarik
masuk jer ape yg ko minat
and ko kene brani amek RISIKO.

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