Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guys im chill :D

ok guys...after a year heart break
*u all know what im talking about rite..
so im completely recover from all those miserable scene in my completely become MUHAMMADNORHAFIZ ARJUNAITI
currently with CHILL mood..
dont need a girl or girls..XDDDDhahahah!!

So im tellin u these..                                                                                                                           goodbye my beautiful ex-gf 
u deserved a better man.
i have no more intention towards you anymore.
so be chill
no need to mara mara or dendam dendam
x larat nak buat bnder mcm tu lagi..
and i have a song for u..

*  ok...we never celebrate our birthday,also our annivesary together
so no point we're staying together rite..
so chill out..
no offence ok :D


  1. good good =) masih muda. enjoy ma hee

  2. yup yup yup..
    umur baru 20 lagi bnyk lagi bnder perlu belajar

  3. staun je...
    tgk nnt ak bp lme